Sunday, May 16, 2010

End of Semester

HELLO! This is Jon.

I JUST finished my second semester here at JUC and O MY GOSH. The last couple of weeks have been a tad scary :P I had my History paper worth 50% of my final grade, my Hebrew exam worth 40% (usual), but my Geography paper was worth 100% (apparently everyone gets either a B or an A, so they SAY I have nothing to worry about), AND my Archaeology exam was worth 100% of my grade. WHO in the world does this to students (I’m talking about the 100% worth)… it is insane… in the membrane.

BUT I finished and now I must wait till the end of May-ish to get my grades back and to see if I made it on to the next round… it’s kind of annoying. It is summer vacation though, although it’s going to be an extremely busy summer J But I’ll get to that a little later.

Some cool things that have happened lately with God providing for us. Kasey and I were a little lower in cash than usual (don’t worry we are always low on cash, haha), and were regularly having a simple pita, vegetables, pasta stuff (the usual food for students). But we ran out of cash and I needed 10 shekels for the bus for my last exam (about $2.50 U.S.). So we went to one of our nice old couple neighbors (yes we have more than one) and I asked for 10 shekels to get to and from my exam.

They came back and gave Kasey and I 100 shekels!! It was amazingly nice of them, and reminded me of that verse in the Bible that says “if someone asks you for your cloak, give him your hat too” (or something like that, I can’t really remember the exact words). It was very nice and blessed us a lot. THEN they called us on the phone and asked us if we would like the leftovers from a party they went to, we said sure thinking it was going to be little snacks. No. She literally gave us enough for two dinners between the both of us. It was great. AND it was Mexican food.

THEN our other old neighbor couple asked if we liked Watermelon, Kasey said yes (I’m not a huge fan of it) and they gave us a quarter of a watermelon! It was a good day for food!

(The rest of this blog has been updated a week after the above stuff was written… my bad) (and then Kasey went through this morning and fixed stuff)

It has only been a week since I finished my finals, but it seriously feels like it’s been 3 weeks. Oh well. I have started to read The Chronicles of Narnia (thanks to Kasey) I hope to have it all finished by the end of next week. It’s very enjoyable J Kasey has about 2 (3 including the week of exams and the DAY AND A HALF in which I have to grade around 70 exams) weeks left of school, which is nice for her cause then she gets about a month break before we teach summer school.

As for my summer plans, at the end of this week I have a friend and his buddy coming to stay with us and I’m going to give them the tour of Israel (they are renting a car which allows us to do this A LOT easier, instead of taking a bus everywhere). So that will be lots of fun. They are staying from May 22-June 3. This first trip allows me to perfect the tour experience for when my in-laws get here on June 15-June 30 (Terry and Karen McHenry). (don't worry, Mama, I am well aware that you actually come on the 16th)

The weather here is gradually getting hotter and hotter. Kasey and I are almost at the point where we sleep with just a sheet, and then soon after that we will need the fan on all night (directly on us). During the summer there is NO rain whatsoever and barely any clouds, which is AWESOME… if you were allowed to wear beach clothes. BUT we are not, we have to covered (jeans and t-shirts), so it’s not very fun to go outside unless you have a car to be in or you are going to the beach.

Kasey and I would like to think that we have adjusted the climate and culture enough that it doesn’t bother us anymore, but we will see when it gets even hotter here :P

Ummm… for those of you who enjoy the TV show “Firefly” I have almost finished the half season (in reality it aired nearly the full season and was only cut a couple of episodes short. They just had no warning before they had to stop filming.) that aired and am actually wanting to find the comic stuff that gives you more explanation about the different characters and their history/background.

That is about it for now. I’m sorry we suck at this blogging thing. I think we update our stuff SO MUCH on facebook that we tend to forget about it.

Please continue to pray that God provides for us in every way J


(Hey, cool, the Firefly episode where they get shipped a dead dude is on!)