Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Jon here...

Hello again! This is kind of early for an update but it needs to be said.

Last night I got home from school and had to take a shower. I went into the bathroom and Polly just jumps right into the shower. So I turned on the water and Polly just played with the water and drank some and just stood there enjoying it. I was like "ok Polly, I'm getting in and taking a shower now" so I got in and started getting all soaked up while water was splashing everywhere. Polly just played with the water and kept jumping on top of the tub and back in. She eventually got out of the tub but just sat on the toilet waiting for me to finish. I'll tell ya, it's kinda of strange taking a shower and then looking behind you to see your cat staring at you and your naked body. BUTT (ha...ha...ha) it was funny. Our cat loves the water. Lets hope she continues to love it as she gets older. Then Kasey and I watched the movie Superbad and Polly just sat on the couch on her blanket and watched to! She literally didn't take her eyes off the movie and when someone walked in front of her she would just look at them and then look back at the TV. It was So funny.

Another thing happened this morning. The house didn't really smell good cause of the cat food, so I started to spray some Fa-breeze around the house. I get to the living room and spray up high, when the entire lid pops off and the bottle full of liquid Fa-breeze falls onto the couch and then onto the floor. It starts pouring out on the couch and the floor! About 1/3 of the bottle emptied out. I quickly got a towel and soaked up as much as I could. It started to reek, so I told Kasey what happened and said "I'm sorry if you get sick and/or get a head ache today :p". That was my morning....


  1. Sounds like an interesting way to start the day!

  2. You should video tape your cat and you in the shower, well, not you so much but the cat. Ya, thats the ticket...

  3. Never a dull moment eh?

  4. Polly is such a great cat. Loves the water, loves your taste in movies....doesn't get much better than that ...oh wait a minute maybe if Polly had a little friend to snuggle with that would be nice.