Friday, December 18, 2009

One Week Before Christmas :)

Hello! Jon Here...

So there is one more week till Kasey and mine? Mines? My? I? Anyway, one more week till OUR first christmas together :) I've finished my 2nd week of break and it's been going well. I have organized A LOT of photos and hope to be done by the middle of next week. Then I will start on other things. I've also been watching a lot of Star Gate SG-1... very fun TV show.

Kasey has had the last 2 days off and is enjoying them to the fullest :P We both stayed up till about 3 am both nights! As a result Kasey slept for about 13 hours today :P Well earned rest though. Yesterday we had a web cam date with Jamie :D Really fun talking to her and seeing her. She stayed up till about 2:30 am in order to talk to us so I guess we owe her something, but then again seeing our faces was probably good enough :P

Now that Polly is ring worm free we have now opened our bedroom door for her to wander in and out. Although she usually stays in. Last night she slept near Kasey's head, but sprawled out on my pillow. I woke up and I was literally on the edge of the bed and my pillow and Polly was stretched out on it. So I showed her who was boss and pushed her over and used her as a pillow.

Kasey has to go back to work for one day tomorrow where the students will just be taking exams. And then she goes back for Monday and Tuesday for exams and THEN she gets 2.5 weeks off. Right now we are watching the movie Elf. We have decided that Elf will be a "classic" christmas movie later in life.

As you have probably guessed I have run out of things to say to you so I am just blabbing on now...

Thank you for your prayers and please continue for God's provision and our relationship to Him to grow.


  1. So excited to hear things are going well.

    Daphne does that too (my dog). She loves to stretch out on the bed and take up all the room. Silly aminals. :D

    Have a great Christmas, I'll be thinking of you!

  2. Hey Jon & Kasey,

    I am not sure that seeing your faces was good enough......Jamie will have to decide...LOL

    Hope you had a most joyous First Christmas together.

    Polly is sure sweet. Just so you know....I am pretty sure Polly is the boss.

    Happy New Year!