Sunday, March 21, 2010

Life on the Other Side of the World

Jon Here!

Hello All :D I know the whole shpeel in Jerusalem has settled down A LOT (at least for us here... I don't know what the news is still telling you). I guess I could check, but I don't want to. I just wanted to tell all you what was going on over here (I'm sure the news is telling everything, but what better way to hear from Jon, me, a first hand account) :P

OK! There is this synagogue in the Old City in the Jewish quarter that holds a lot of sentimental and religious value to the Jews. It was built around 1700 and destroyed 3 times since. This is there 3rd time rebuilding it. In rebuilding it, for some reason or another, they had to dig under ground (I don't know why, but probably for architectural reasons, OR they found remains of the old synagogue). Anyway... the tunnel was being dug toward the Temple Mount (The Dome of the Rock).

So the Palestinians started throwing a fit, and it started this religious rioting. However, let it be known that if this were switched where the Palestinians started building something, the Jews would more than likely throw a fit as well. It is very easy to just blame the Palestinians and root for the Jews :P But if you look at the political side of this country you will see that both sides are to blame for things done, both sides have been treated unfairly, etc...

Read this if you are more interested:

Right away, Clinton and Obama got involved pretty much saying that they shouldn't have built. Israel wrote back saying that this land has been theirs for 3000 years (Since King David) and that they are descendants of King David and they have the "religious right" to take over the country, and they will build where ever they want.

The main rioters were bedouin from the desert (mostly teenagers) and they threw rocks and sticks and stuff in protest, while the Israeli army had giant guns... so to be honest they would have to be idiots to do anything really serious to tick off the Israeli army.

3000 soldiers and police men were put into the Old City for the past week (it was pretty cool). It was completely safe if you stayed on the northwestern side, outside of the Old City (where I walked everyday). Things have calmed down for now, but they are said to pick up again in mid-April, where another protest from the Palestinians is planned to take place again.

Everything is going alright. Kasey and I are doing very well :) School is going alright. Polly is getting fat (we started to feed her less).

A couple of cools things happened in the last week for Kasey and I :) Both of us wanted a big rug and a small rug for the entrance way and for our kitchen. And believe it or not we were given a really nice big rug for our entry way and a small rug for our kitchen without even asking anyone :D God provided for us, even though in a small way, it was a very cool miracle :)

Tonight I am going with a friend to Tel Aviv to a sports BBQ. I am thinking about suggesting a swim team/lesson that I could lead... but I'm kind of hesitant about it because of my education (can't let anything get in the way). We'll see what happens. I will most likely just eat and chat and then go back home :P

AND!! Kasey and I and a few friends decided to take a vacation (I know I know, we are already in Israel, hahaha) but we have booked a Hostel in Dahab, Egypt on the Red Sea in the Sinai Peninsula. We are praying for amazing weather :) We will be saying there for 4 nights and God willing have an amazing time :)

Thank you for all your continuous prayers. Please do not stop :)

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