Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hello everybody :)

We found out last week that Jon's tuition is $1000 more than we expected it to be, based on previous tuition costs. Our original plan was to pay off as much as we could with our remaining loan funds, and then save all the money from Kasey's two extra jobs to pay off the rest by December. Unfortunately, that still wasn't going to give us enough to cover this semester's tuition. We are praying and working on a solution, but since increasing our loan amount or taking out another loan is impossible, we're kind of stuck. Please pray.

And on that note, we've added a PayPal button to our blog. It's the button to the left that says "Donate." If you feel led, PayPal is an easy, fast, and secure way to send us money. All your information is safe. It's just a quicker method than sending checks.

Nothing other than getting the JUC fall semester bill has happened lately for us. Our neighbors had their first baby on the 27th in Bethlehem: Moira Jo Conner. We have not seen her yet, but they live right next to us so we assume we will see her often.

Jon is busy working on 4-6 midterms for the next 2-3 weeks. They are papers with one in class exam. And Kasey is very busy with her 3 jobs to help support us. She teaches full time, tutors whenever she can, and is editing papers for a lady in the U.N. All are very minimum pay and just get us by if that. Jon is really trying to find a Data-Entry job that he can do from here that pays something, so if anyone who reads this knows of a legit place that he can get set up/get job then please share :)

Tonight we are going to the Old City to experience an annual Jewish holiday called Simchat Torah. It’s a HUGE festival and hopefully we will be able to see Jews dancing near the Western Wall holding the Torah and doing crazy things :D We are looking forward to it. It’s going to be massively crowded though, which makes the experience even more exciting :P

September has gone by ridiculously fast. It will probably feel only like a few months by the time we leave here. Also, Jon and Kasey want to work as teachers—Jon wants to teach at a Bible college or High school and Kasey wants to teach at a middle school or high school. IF you know of any Bible colleges or any schools that are looking for teachers or have heard something, please feel free to drop our names and mention it to us so that we can apply.

Remember, we put in a donate button… open 24/7.

Thank you,

Jon & Kasey

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