Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Goofy Story

I had to give you another one that I forgot to post last week.

If anyone has been in a bus that has been jump started, please raise your hand. (My hand is raised)

Last week I was heading home after one of my night classes. We hit the first Arab community and half way through the bus just shuts down. We luckily pulled over at 1 of 2 gas stations that two communities have. This made me feel a bit better as I thought the gas station people... what do you call them? I have no idea... lets call them real men. I thought these real men would find the problem, fix it fast, and send us off, preventing me from walking an hour home.

BUT instead of the real men, about 5-6 guys got out of the bus, went to the back of the bus and started pushing the bus. The bus driver could not jump start it for about 2 blocks. So here is this bus, being pushed by 5-6 guys down a one lane Arab community full of people. They eventually pushed it far enough to a downhill slope where they all jumped in right away. We coasted down this tiny hill WHERE the bus driver was able to jump start the bus. I was laughing during this whole thing, and when the bus first broke down, I looked at this old guy who glared at my laughing and then got off the bus to walk... poor him. I found another teenager who didn't speak any english and we laughed a bit together.

I got home just fine :P


  1. HEHE Yeah I am just picturing this bus coasting down the hill...

    I like that you had to find a teenager who didnt speak any english to laugh with you hehe. I think you should broadcast your laugh. I miss the laughs

  2. Really funny J, typical though. I love that you have all these encounters.