Friday, November 19, 2010

Hello all :)

A couple of things have happened this past week:

1) Jon got a scholarship for his spring semester!! WOO HOO!!

2) Kasey got a week off!! WOO HOO!!

3) Jon got a couple of grades back that were decent!! WOO HOO!!

4) Kasey got a REALLY bad cold during her entire week off :( :( BOO HOO!!

Jon only has about two weeks left of his fall semester… o MY gosh! Then he gets a full 2 months off for his “Christmas break”. It’s ridiculous and nobody enjoys being off for that long of period in this school (M.A. Students).

During that time off, Jon will be studying Hebrew (and somewhat re-learning it as he has not had a Hebrew class in the past 7 months)… it really helped that they did that :P

Kasey goes back to work on the 23rd (Tuesday) BUT then it’s only a month until she gets her Christmas break, which will be well needed… especially after being SICK this past week.

Jon’s grandma is in Israel right about now. We are meeting up with her Monday night, because she wanted to see us while she is in Jerusalem. We are taking her out to a nice restaurant in west Jerusalem, because she wanted to take us out for a nice dinner :D It will be lots of fun!!

It’s crazy!! We only have 7 months left!! What the what!?

Prayer Requests:

-Financial Aid
-That Kasey would stop being sick
-That Jon would do great in his last 2 weeks of the fall semester (Final exams are coming up)

Praise Report:

-Jon has been doing very well in all his classes

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