Sunday, November 21, 2010


Jon here!

Story to tell that I thought should be shared.

Kasey has been sick literally her entire time off (not cool at all). BUT, yesterday our friends had some CHEERY flavored NyQuil for Kasey to use (apparently it is non-existant in this entire country).

Now just on an obvious note. We all know that Cherry flavor tastes like death just died in your mouth... nobody wants to come near the stuff let a lone drink it.

Anyway, she took it once in the morning (2 Tbl) and then 6 hours later at night WHERE (and this is my point) she filled the cap lid (I'm watching her the whole time) and started to drink it. You'd THINK she would just down the whole thing all at once to get it over with like a normal scared human being... but no.

She pours some into her mouth and swallows it, not once, not twice, BUT THREE TIMES!!! Taking breaths in between. While I was watching her, her face continued to shrivle up on every gulp, she was trying to plug her nose but by her facial expression it was not working. By the end she looked like she was going to throw it all up but she did not :)

I was seriously amazed! She took like 3 punches to the head of the Cherry flavor! I started laughing and said "YOU ARE TOUGH!!!" And told her to quickly drink water, but instead she went to the sink and washed out the cup with soap... and Didn't drink any water.

I may never forget this night of awesome.


  1. You have an awesome wife!

  2. Wow. Now that is truly a story to be handed down for generations. To be used on little kids when they will not take their medicine.
    The only thing that would have made this any more awesome would have been video. YouTube top ten I am sure. :)
    Get well.