Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Between JUC night classes and "volunteer church" which we are "required" to attend, we hardly get to see each other. This weekend is the last weekend Jon has off before all his field studies, which means we will somehow see each other LESS.


Also, Kasey accidentally stepped on Polly's paw coming in the door and now Polly is offended and pretending to be injured when she's perfectly fine.
Stupid can-see-in-the-dark cat.


  1. Kasey-sounds like you're going to need to get Skype cranked up, so you can talk to someone instead of 'kicking the can-see-in-the-dark-cat around'. Ya I know it's late here but who goes to bed on the week-ends anyway?(I mean among your young friends&family) Ha! Tom & Laurel on the other hand 8:00 PM is about all those old folks can manage. Yes-I will pay for that comment-but the message is Skype girl! Skype! Luv A.Marney

  2. they really go to bed at 8pm now? wow...that's all I have to say about that :P

  3. Most people I know are night owls - I love staying up late. The next day can be tough though. Oh well - It's the price you pay.