Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kasey's got the bronchitis.


  1. Kasey hope you will soon be on the mend.

  2. Ditto to the comment of the good anonymous - yes I know 'good' is a broad assumption of anonymous but with the facts before me - slim as they are - 'good' will suffice for now- it is possible anonymous could be Dulcie, THEN we would know that my broad assumption of 'good' missed the mark by a mile. :D peace <3 - NOW in spite of the rambling note - once again ditto to anonymous and I pray for a speedy recovery back to your witty self - Auntie Marney

  3. Let's say Good Good Anonymous.....thought I would throw in an extra good. LOL
    No Marlene your assumption of good did not miss the mark I would say that you were right on.....

    Get well Kasey

    Dulcie the Anonymous......