Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday night

Hello all,

Jon here...

Kasey is sleeping right now (sleeping away the sickness). So I thought I would make a post.

Kasey's "ring worm" is dying down. We got some medication to put on them (only 3) and they are healing up fast. So thank God, but continue to pray. Polly seems to be getting more which is gross cause her hair is falling off in circular patterns where the "ring worms" are.

For those of you who don't know what Ring Worm is; it's not a "stomach worm" as I thought it was when Kasey first told me. It is a fungal infection, it has nothing to do with worms :P Pretty much Kasey just has to put this cream on them (they look like a bug bite, but with a distinct ring around them...very weird) and this cream pretty much just suffocates the spot and kills it. It seems to be working :)

My field trip went very well last week. I have posted several pictures on facebook which give you an idea of where I went and etc...but we stopped at Beth-Shemesh (near the spot of Samson's birth, then we went to the coast, then Lachish, then Beth-Sheba, then Arad, then En Gedi (where we swam in the Dead Sea) the to Qumran (where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found). This took 3 days. We stayed in two different hotel like hostels (very nice and they gave us breakfast). It was fun because we got to know each other as a group. The majority of us master students all live off campus so we don't really get to know the people in the school except for field study days.

Our next trip is this Saturday-Tuesday (October 24-27) and we are going up to Galilee. Traveling in Israel is not as long as one would think. The whole country is about the size of New to get from the Mediterranean Sea to the Dead sea it would take about 1.5 hours...maybe less depending on traffic. So when we go on these field studies we literally travel all over Israel. I don't know the specific spots we will be going on for this next trip, but I'm sure it will be fun.

The trips we make are so full of's ridiculous. My favorite parts of the trips are going to the location of a biblical spot and reading the story of what happened there. There is however a lot of other information about different excavated sites of really old cities, what it's history was, who built it, who excavated it, etc...these are nice, but to be perfectly honest they are cool at first but after seeing a bunch of them they all start looking the same "oh, a brick wall, oh a house, oh a pathway, etc, etc, etc...once you've seen one excavated site you have seen them all in my opinion. As you can guess I would not do well as an archaeologist :P

I only have 4 more weeks of this semester and then I'm on break. The semesters only run for 3 months...but o my gosh these months are jammed packed with stuff...sheesh. God willing I will make it past the first semester of studying, then I have 2 months off! What am I going to do in those months?! I figured I would study my books and prepare for the next semester AND possibly ask Kasey's school if there is a part time job I could take for those 2 months (fixing stuff or whatever), just something to keep me busy and make some money while Kasey is teaching.

Today I made a video of our apartment so those of you who have facebook will be able to see our new apartment and us as well :)

It's about 5pm right now and I'm getting hungry. I think I will make us Rice and chicken...or maybe Macaroni and hotdogs. I don't know which one sounds more appealing right now. But we have been downloading the 6th episode of the Office and coughAmericascoughnexttopcoughmodelcough which we will probably watch after I make dinner.

You are all waking up right now, or are already starting your Sunday. Have a good day, and please continue to pray for us :)



  1. Hey J & K,
    Always excellent to read your blog! I can't wait to see your apartment. So thankful Kasey-girl is getting better (but what about poor Polly?) Sawyer is feeling much better as well:)

  2. Hey Guys,

    Looking forward to seeing the pictures of your new apartment.. Two months off..........Wow!

    Hey Kasey glad to hear that you are starting to feel Polly needs to get better.

    Love seeing the pictures of all your field trips..Love hearing about all your travels.

    Hey Kasey are you enjoying your students more and more? Love the pictures of your school.

    It's so nice to be able to keep in touch with you guys. Feels like I am right next door......

  3. Who is this? You need to sign your name at the end cause you are "Anonymous" and we have no idea who you are :P hahaha

  4. Too I was thinking my name would just pop in like facebook.. then today my most recent post I saw Anonymous said.....I thought to myself is that something like Aristotle said...........

    Hey if you and Kasey can play with spiders then
    I can play with your minds.

    In case you haven't figured it out yet it's